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Re: Phasers on Stun

Don't forget to look at other vintage phasers, too.  Mine is a
"Systech", and i've never seen another one (or any other effects by this
company).  It has two separate "sweep rate" knobs (footswitch
selectable), and an "emphasis" knob (seems to be mostly a highpass
filter), and a deliciously sweet funky tone, all in a bulletproof cast
aluminum case.  

Which raises a question... are you using the phaser onstage, or in the
studio?  For stage purposes, things like reliability and small size
matter (in other words, get an MXR!).  But for the studio, tone
matters.  Keep checking the pawn shops and secondhand guitar stores for
non-"vintage" old effects.  Sometimes you can find real gems for cheap. 
Rather than a do-it-all phaser, you could have three or four distinctive
phaser voices that way, since all different brands seem to have their
own characteristic tone.