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Re: Live sequencing.

Good point!

My six-year old son loves to get in front of the microphone and loop all
kinds of nonsense -- bits of songs, silly sounds, zany sayings, hysterical
laughter, screaming, etc. and overdub himself ad infinitum.  My wife says I
should record this and distribute the tape as a warning to anyone
considering having children that this is what they can expect to hear
nonstop for several years . . .


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Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: Live sequencing.

>Future Perfect wrote:
>> repeating'. Interesting. Any other loopers have  non-musicians 'catch 
>> whats happening?
>My kids!  Since i got my loopers out again, my kids (five year old
>twins) figured out that it makes "echoes", and started playing with
>them.  They'll ask me to plug in and turn on everything, then make up
>little loops for themselves with the Echotron or Jamman.