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Re: boomerang vs. headrush

I concur.  The sound quality of the Headrush is terrific, and I'm a picky
bastard.  As someone here remarked, I think it's even better than the EDP.
Maybe it's because Akai has spent so many years developing sampling
technology.  Fancy tricks you don't get, though--like reverse, half speed,
etc--and I've got to say that they seem to have gone out of their way to
create the most counterintuitive operation, and nearly nonexistent
"operating manual".  But 24 seconds of delay this clean is easily worth the
$170, at full feedback it goes forever and a day, and the hi freq damp can
be nice too.  And yeah, it's light, but it's metal alright and the switches
are tough.  I'd trust it onstage fer sure.

Just to be certain I've got my full .02 in here, I must say that the near
future looks rosy for loopists; both the EDP "rerelease" (if that's what it
is) and the Line 6 units should be well worth waiting for.  If Kim is right
and the EDP will be significantly cheaper, there will be little competition
in serious loop tools--it does stuff these other guys never even thought
of.  If it comes in around four bills, I'll even consider getting another
one myself.  But the Line 6 could be tasty, too, and I'm anxious to check
it out.  Let's face it though, it was announced only two weeks ago--we'll
be very lucky to see 'em in stores by the end of September.  That's not
inside info talking, just experience....

><< I've got both.  Definitely if you can afford the Boomerang, it's a much
> better looper than the headrush. >>
>I completely disagree.  If you use distorted, mangled guitar maybe... if
>however you're after clean loops of vocals or crystal clear PCM keyboard
>loops, the headrush has superior sound quality over the 'Rang. Period.  
>the Boomerang is A BETTER LOOPER FOR YOU....NOT FOR ME.
>Bill 'hawkeye'