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RE: boomerang vs. headrush

> I concur.  The sound quality of the Headrush is terrific, and I'm a picky
> bastard.  As someone here remarked, I think it's even better than the 
> Maybe it's because Akai has spent so many years developing sampling
> technology.  Fancy tricks you don't get, though--like reverse, half 
> etc--and I've got to say that they seem to have gone out of their way to
> create the most counterintuitive operation, and nearly nonexistent
> "operating manual".  But 24 seconds of delay this clean is easily worth 
> $170, at full feedback it goes forever and a day, and the hi freq damp 
> be nice too.  And yeah, it's light, but it's metal alright and the 
> are tough.  I'd trust it onstage fer sure.

I've been considering swapping my JamMan for 2 headrushes.... at the 
moment my
JM is set up as a 1-shot delay with some of the output externally fed back 
the input with an expression pedal in the way to control the feedback.  
gives me a looper with variable loop times (on the fly), variable feedback 
But it's mono... for the price I could get for the JM, I could buy a pair 
Headrushes.  The two tap pedals could be wired into a single momentary 
and my expression pedal is stereo... giving a STEREO looping rig with 
time, feedback etc.  Since the pedals are no longer the ones in the boxes, 
it's made of actually becomes irrelevant.

In the end I decided against it... I _like_ the fact that the JM is mono.  
getting the GT-5 my non-looped sound is "so" stereo that looping in stereo 
well would produce mush.  Having the loops coming back in mono creates some
separation.  On the other had, I could put a mono output from the GT-5 
into a
pan pedal and loop in stereo... but I've already got 2 fader pedals and a 
will be used to control master looper output (when it finally arrives at 
store).  I already have to sit down to control stuff!  Does anyone else 
this problem???

> I'm itchin to start looping!  My trio needs something to fill in
> the empty .... spaces ...

Pink Floyd had the same problem when recording The Wall.  ;)