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Re: Headrush/Space Station review

> >The headrush is pretty cool, but there are a couple issues.  The
> >construction seems a little weak.  The case is plastic.
> Plastic?? I have to look at mine again, but I could swear it was metal, 
> quite sturdy at that.
        It's definitely plastic.  Sturdy?  I really don't think so.  I'd
be worried about stepping it too hard.

>  >It seems ok, but it might be a problem, and it's certainly kinda lame 
>on a
> box this
> >expensive.
> Expensive?? Street/catalog price is about $200. Is there anything that 
> loop/delay up to 23 seconds at this price? Until the Line 6 delay pedal
> comes out, I think this is about the least expensive bang-per-buck unit
> available.
        My point was that if I'm paying $200 for a pedal, no matter what
it does, I expect it to be able to take a bit of abuse.  With the headrush
(and the space station for that manner) I'd be worried about breaking it
too much to take it to gigs.

> Yes, it takes a little time to get used to the switching. I wrote out 
> cards" in big letters to remind myself what to do while playing, but is
> there a simpler way to do what the Headrush does without more switches, 
> readouts, etc.? And by the way, how much floor space does the 'rang take 
> The 'rush is about 7" x 9".
        If you have to write out cue cards than the design is bad.  I
don't care how much smaller it is or any of that other crap.  I don't want
to have to make cheat sheets for my pedals for performances!  Rather than
accepting crappy design, why don't you demand better from manufacturers?

> >The space station has been gone over a lot on this list and on the web.
> >So, I'll be more brief.  The space station also has some plastic
> >construction that worries me about it as a proffesional pedal.  I'd be
> >careful before only taking one for a world tour.  Essentially, the SS 
>is a
> >mini vortex in a pedal form with about 1/10th the control available to 
> >player.  If you had to choose between it and a vortex (if you can find
> >one), get the vortex.
> And what's the difference in price (and availability)?
The price between a used vortex and a new space station seem pretty close.
It is hard to find the vortex though, but as I said, if you can find it
and you have to make a choice...