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More volume pedal crap

This is for that volume pedal thread, as oposed to the volume
pedal/continuous control postings.  Does anybody know of a volume pedal
(past, present, or future) that features some kind of true-bypass switch??
Or does anyone perhaps know of a volume pedal that can be modded for
true-bypass??  And I do mean TRUE bypass, not just an "on/off" switch.  
would be mainly for straight up volume tricks, no CC.  I do have a GCX
switcher, so I could always wire a V.pedal up to that for true bypass, but
sometimes I don't want to haul my fridge sized shock mounted rack
everywhere.  In fact, I quite often DON'T want to do that.  It would be 
on those occasions to have a V.pedal that I could cleanly eliminate from 
signal when not in use.  Any thoughts??
Micah H.  (the other Micah)