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More Brook/Gasparyan.

Whoever published the third review of that show....THANKS!

That's good to hear... I got the 4th show of the tour, someone else caught
the second show.

In what we saw, there was numerous comments from the band:
"Its only our fourth show"
"We didn't have much time to rehearse"
"If you see 'strange' glances, you'll know why...." etc.

At my show, there was only like 100 people there.  I don't think it was 
of interest, it was BADLY advertised.  Still the show that we saw on the
West Coast doesn't even sound like the same BAND!  I saw no "stunning 
work".  To me, Gasparyan didn't look uncomfortable (like he did in SF), but
Brook did for sure!

Certainly no encores were here (they also said "We've already PLAYED all 
tunes!") and there was no standing O.

The point?  It just goes to show what rehearsing and going thru the 
can do...  It even applies to technology.  Going thru the paces of your
sequences from song-to-song and practicing that makes it even more 
My original question was:  Is this technique really valid for live
performance?  At at least one answer is:  YES.  As my setup progresses from
strictly acoustic sounds to adding some electronic manipulations, i'll need
to remember to practice this too (doh!  ANOTHER thing to practice...)

Thanks for your input on that show...  I wasn't really disappointed, its
just hard to make mood music come off like the CD.  Gasparyan was worth the
price of admission and MORE!!  If you need more encores, just let the man

Jim Lanpheer