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Re: 4-track/reznor's folly

> Not to be a NIN defender (although I am a fan), but I just figured the 
> should be the facts.  If anyone is interested, I have the article 
>address at
> home.

Please send me this address. I also read an article where he said he
used DA88s on the lolaplaooza tour. Maybe he changed after the first
show? I can't imagine he used a four track deck for this ever. He had
enough cash at that time to get whatever they needed. I think the idea
that no one really knew what technology would be right is probably a
bigger part of it.

> Haven't heard from tascam yet - I don't know if I mentioned this before, 
> Rogue Music gave this thing a clean bill of health a while back, even 
>though I
> was having problems, and I know my power is funky, so I thought it might 
>be the
> problem.  Then again, Rogue isn't on Tascam's service list (not the site
> anyway)...

Whats is a "while" back? Rogue always warrenties thier instruments for
either 30 days or up to a full year depending on the sale. Tascam has
hundreds of  service reps all over the world. I'm sure Rogue could send
it in for you if it's under warrenty or a simple call to tascam can get
you any nearby address you need. I woudln't wait for them though. If you
want it repaired you'll need to do some following up or be at the mercy
of the repair queue.

If you suspect the PS why not just buy another PS from radio shack and
test it out? If it doesn't work you can return the PS within a month.

LOPP Content: Cheapass 4 tracks are great for bizarre ambeint effects.
You can put a "normal" stereo tape in there and get two tracks of L/R
musica and the other two tracks will play backwards. tres cool. if it
has an effects send try hooking a delay or spring reverb into the mutha.
Instant Eno "treatments" dirt cheap.

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