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such a lame beginner

I've just recently subscribed to this list and have been following the
"Headrush"/Looping conversation for maybe over a week. I'm not a skilled
"looper" so please excuse my ignorance.

I've played with loops on my PC for awhile, and have been inspired by the
wealth of layering that can be accomplished, to try to incorporate the 
technique in a re-reformed version of an older band of mine in a live 
and practice.  From what I've been able to discern from this list is that 
one single "looper" (be it the headrush, boomerang, 2100...) has all the
options I would like in one secure, well-made, stomp-box.

Most of my sampling experience comes from my PC interaction and an old 
SK-5, which surprisingly limited, has exactly what I'd require as far as
filter manipulation from a sampling/loop box (ie: reverse, fade-in/out,

Is there a box that has these simple filter manipulations (or more) along 
infinite loop, layered loop banks, and a nice sturdy (sorry zoom makes crap
boxes with crap plastic) box? This "mutt" effect will be used in many
"aggressive"/"experimental" live settings so the requirement of a strong 
is a must. The sort of sound we have, or are on the verge of, is more in 
with bands like NEU, The Ex, TFUL, and various influences outside of genre

I'm just looking for some more (if not redundant from others previous 
suggestions. I was almost willing to run out and buy a headrush but after
hearing that there is no infinite loop option I've now begun looking
elsewhere. And as always affordability is a must (anything less than 300).

Again, sorry if this is off-topic, or redundant.