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FS: Roland G707 Synth Guitar

Well in my eternal quest for a Roland G33/G88 bass I am putting my G707
guitar up for sale. This is the silver guitar with the wildass
stabilizer bar running accross the top. I have pics I can send if anyone
wants to see the model. PLease note this is the guitar w/case ONLY. Not
the floor unit or cable. Just a damn cool guitar.

The guitar is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. I
have run a GR700 and GR300 floor unit from this and the electronics are
also in top shape. I have decided to keep my G303 guitar for all my
roland synth needs so this unit is forsale or trade for a G33/G88 bass.
I'd also consider a Casio PG380 guitar or other weird effects, synth
drum machine stuff, etc. 

The guitar comes with the whammy bar and original Hardshell case which
is a big deal only because it's custom built to fit this sucker (hard to
find a case that will hold it in place right).  Manual for GR700 and
G707 included.
I had the strings changed and set up so it plays great as a guitar in
it's own right. (Extra set of new strings included). If you've ever
wanted to have a spaceage designed guitar that sounds great too this is
the one to get. 

I'm asking $350 obo plus shipping which I'm told it's certainly worth.
A while ago I had some idiot try and sell me a G77 bass (no floor unit
cable) for $650 (that'll teach me to put an ad in Vintage Guitar Mag) so
I don't want to give this away but note the OBO as pickup in Phila would
be great as well. 

References out the wazoo. Any questions email me direct.
Full info on the tentire Roland Analog GR line including pictures can be
found at:


Thanks for reading.


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