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Looper's Delight CD #1 Now for Sale...

A few orders have come in and those CDs will go out this week. Thanks!
Almost 50 people expressed interest in buying them but the orders are
not coming in. please don't wait. If you want we need your order ASAP so
we can start paying back costs to the Web site.

Here's the skinny once again:

The reissue of the Looper's Delight Subscriber's CD #1 is now available
directly from Help Wanted Productions via Mail order.

Costs are $12.00 US including shipping anywhere in the United States and
$13.00 including shipping to Canada or anywhere else in the world. 

Proceeds will go to the Looper's Delight Web site to help pay ISP and
other costs. 

Full ordering info (Address, payment methods, etc) can be found at:


Print out the order form from the link on this page and put down the
name and #'s of CDs you want. 
Mail it in and you'll get the goods in 2-4 weeks tops! 

A brief description and link to the LD web page can be found under the
Compilation CD section. This release was professionally duplicated with
on disc printing and the covers are the full color originals Ray made
back when this began. 

For full info check out the LD web page link at:

Prefered method of payment is a USPS MO. Checks are accepted but may
take longer to process. 
(PLEASE make sure checks are valid and will not bounce!). 
CASH is at your own risk. If I get it, I promise you'll get your CDs.
All MOs, checks, etc. should be in US funds and made payable to Help
Wanted Productions.

There are plenty of CDs for everyone who already requested them and more
so please send those orders in now and tell your friends. 

Thanks for all your patience on this project. The CDs look and sound
GREAT! Thanks to Ray Peck for starting the whole thing and getting the
fantastic covers done as well as Kim Flint and Michael Peters for
helping me organize this monster and getting it re-released.

There are links galore all over the catalog with info on other music HWP
sells, check them out if you so desire. The Web site houses a gallery of
unusual instruments and an extensive page of electronic music links to
other site, artists, and instruments including a page on the Roland
GR300/GR33b guitar synths. If anyone has any questions feel free to
contact  me and I'll try and help you out. It all free so as AB sings
"Dig me but don't bury me".

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info of Tube recorders, Omnichords, weird guitars, Casios, and more.