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Re: Looper's Delight CD #1 Now for Sale...

Hey, just wanted to chime in here. I finally(!!) got a copy of Looper's
Delight CD numero uno last week, and it's great!! Wonderful music,
wonderful artwork. Worth the wait in spades! Definitely get a copy, you
won't be sorry. There's more info on the LD pages:


I've listened to a bunch of looper recordings lately, they've all been
excellent. Keep it coming! I'll have to post some more glowing
recommendations when I get time........ There are some monstrous musicians
on this list, I'm really impressed!


At 1:36 PM -0700 8/4/99, Legion wrote:
>A few orders have come in and those CDs will go out this week. Thanks!
>Almost 50 people expressed interest in buying them but the orders are
>not coming in. please don't wait. If you want we need your order ASAP so
>we can start paying back costs to the Web site.
>Here's the skinny once again:
>The reissue of the Looper's Delight Subscriber's CD #1 is now available
>directly from Help Wanted Productions via Mail order.
>Costs are $12.00 US including shipping anywhere in the United States and
>$13.00 including shipping to Canada or anywhere else in the world.
>Proceeds will go to the Looper's Delight Web site to help pay ISP and
>other costs.
>Full ordering info (Address, payment methods, etc) can be found at:
>Print out the order form from the link on this page and put down the
>name and #'s of CDs you want.
>Mail it in and you'll get the goods in 2-4 weeks tops!
>A brief description and link to the LD web page can be found under the
>Compilation CD section. This release was professionally duplicated with
>on disc printing and the covers are the full color originals Ray made
>back when this began.
>For full info check out the LD web page link at:
>Prefered method of payment is a USPS MO. Checks are accepted but may
>take longer to process.
>(PLEASE make sure checks are valid and will not bounce!).
>CASH is at your own risk. If I get it, I promise you'll get your CDs.
>All MOs, checks, etc. should be in US funds and made payable to Help
>Wanted Productions.
>There are plenty of CDs for everyone who already requested them and more
>so please send those orders in now and tell your friends.
>Thanks for all your patience on this project. The CDs look and sound
>GREAT! Thanks to Ray Peck for starting the whole thing and getting the
>fantastic covers done as well as Kim Flint and Michael Peters for
>helping me organize this monster and getting it re-released.
>There are links galore all over the catalog with info on other music HWP
>sells, check them out if you so desire. The Web site houses a gallery of
>unusual instruments and an extensive page of electronic music links to
>other site, artists, and instruments including a page on the Roland
>GR300/GR33b guitar synths. If anyone has any questions feel free to
>contact  me and I'll try and help you out. It all free so as AB sings
>"Dig me but don't bury me".
>     HELP WANTED PRODUCTIONS - Http://www.voicenet.com/~legion
>"Bringing you the best in Organic Electronic music since we started..."
>Home of the Unusual Instrument and Recording Gallery with pictures and
>info of Tube recorders, Omnichords, weird guitars, Casios, and more.

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