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RE: Notes on my Akai Headrush

> In comparison to all my other stomp boxes, my Headrush is pretty quiet
> when
> I plug direct. 
        ** agreed. i've found it to be very quiet so far. haven't really
cranked my setup super loud, so it may reveal some other noise when i do
crank it in the future. almost all of my pedals are super quiet, so i don't
seem to be hearing anything new in terms of noise.

> One
> negative I found with further time to play with it is that when
> overdubbing
> loops, as the 1st loop is set by clicking the button, the click becomes 
> audible part of the loop. 
        ** yeah. i noticed this too. my feeling is that it seems to have
more to do with the kind of sound going on: long tones, etc.

> I too have discovered the inability of manually
> changing delay time while an existing loop is playing. 
        ** yes. i'd be frustrated by this except that my eh16 does do this
sort of thing so that i can use that for time/pitch modification. the other
real "design flaw" (besides the wall wart) is that i belive that they
could've done it with reverse for not too much money. perhaps a later
version of the same machine will do this. 

> However, I still
> contend that, for the money, the Headrush is still pretty cool. I think
> its
> best quality is the Tape Head mode with the 4 head outputs. 
        ** i agree with these points. the "regular" delay is also nice. i
really like the hf damp - - makes the delay sound more "organic" to my 
a versatile machine as it can be used for projects when i don't want to
loop. and it's fairly small.