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Re: swisslooprz

Hey Philipp!
>UNDO abuse might occur when you are experimenting a lot with the
>following combination

I was not serious about "abuse" at all! I use UNDO a lot also to go back to
the simple beginning of the loop after a thick overdubbed part.

>Record (short Loops) - Loop Copy - modifying loops with Insert (mode:
>replace), keeping the groove and Overdub - choose among the modified
>Loops with Next Loop while soloing - trying   H A R D   to get back
>the original Loops while improvising and mistreating the Undo button -
>ending the whole session with a giant Overdub to Mute

Hm, I see, the destructive energy might be the anger when UNDO ist not
doing what expected...
- Maybe you have Overdub on or FB reduced, so you need to hit UNDO faster
than the new repetitions happen to really go backwards?
- Usually after not doing Overdubs it takes 2 UNDO to hear an effect
because the first only undoes the actual copy which the unit always makes,
for the case that you decide to change something in it. Even if you do not
change anything, you have to undo it.

>check it out, it's good fun and we will see who's playing wrong with
>all those feet and fingers rushing around at the same time - 'cause:
>Looping is one thing, but variation is everything (Guru Zuru)

wow... ok, I need to try your recipy!