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New Y2K Product


        We've just visited you on the internet at "Re: Y2K", 
and we have an exciting new Y2K product which you can offer to your
clients on your own website. If you're interested, you won't have
to buy or maintain any inventory. You don't need to order anything from
us until you have a confirmed order from your own client, and then
we will ship directly to your customer.

        Our product is called the Y2K CashBookSafe and it's a neat 
way for people to hide some money around the house as they start to
get ready for Y2K.  The CashBookSafe is an ordinary published
hardcover book with a large section of the pages cut out. 
Inside the cut-out section is a sturdy money tray in which your 
customers can store a hundred bills of any denomination. Then they 
just put the "safe" on their bookshelf where it quietly hides the
money, appearing to be just another book.  The CashBookSafe also comes
with a 12-page printed guide filled with exceptional advice called,

        The CashBookSafe is not only a practical solution for
getting ready to meet the Y2K problem, but it's also ideal as
a gift for anyone who is becoming concerned about Y2K. It's perfect
for anyone looking to store some extra cash in case there are any
problems with ATM machines, debit cards, credit card systems or bank
accounts.  (Even after Y2K has passed, it's still a great way to
keep cash and valuables in a safe place.)

        As a Y2K merchant offering the CashBookSafe on your website,
you don't need to purchase any advance inventory and there's no
shipping to take care of. We do it all for you. If you want to
include the CashBookSafe in your online sales:
        1. Simply add information about the CashBookSafe on your
website. (We supply you with suggested text to describe and
advertise the product on your site. We also provide an attractive
and colorful logo (a small .gif file) to put on your site beside
the description if you would like to add it).
        2. Then you take the orders from your customers and receive
payment at the retail price.
        3. After you've made the sale you go to our merchant website
and order (wholesale price) as many as you need, providing us with 
all the shipping instructions for your customers.
        4. We ship the CashBookSafe to each individual customer.

        To receive more information and arrange to receive your 
first CashBookSafe, please click on the link below.  This will
automatically open the "reply" window of your own email program and
everything will already be filled in.  Just click on "send" and we
will email you more information by return email.


                                Charles Money
                                Director of Promotion

        If you would prefer not to hear from us again, please click
on the link below.  This will open the "reply" window of your own
email program and everything will already be filled in.  Just click
on "send" and you will never hear about CashBookSafe again.