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RE: All the Softare

Add AudioMulch, Coagula, Building Blocks, WaveSurgeon, Sounder, TechnoToys,
and VSTDx to the list -- all of these are under $50, extremely useful, and
of the highest quality.

Harmony Central has most of them, and an altavista seach will turn up the

BTW, I've also been listening to some great music by listmate James Bailey
-- his 1987 lp 'Dimensions' has been on my turntable quite a bit lately --
I've just gotten a copy of Fingerpaint's latest, 'In The Loop',  also
highly recommended.

My newest, 'Dioptra Suite' is now available in CD-quality electronic
release at http://www.mp3.com/evirus.  This is a beatless ambient piece
improvised live, and recorded direct to disk, with no overdubs, and only a
little post-processing.

Thanks to everyone who sent me music in exchange for the limited edition CD
-- I've still got a couple left, and the first people who send me remixable
original music can have 'em.  Email me off-list for details.