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Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

At 05:07 PM 4/20/99 -0800, Mark Landman wrote:

>Kim, you folks came up with the last word in long delay times with the
>Echoplex, any thoughts about the ultra short delay times of granular

set record mode to SUS, set Overdub mode to SUS, Set Insert mode to RPL
(replace). Then all these functions work in the "sustain" mode, where they
are only on while the button is held. What this lets you do is tap the
button very lightly, to get the function on for a very short period of 
So you can record micro-length loops, overdub micro-sized bits, replace
micro-sized bits. (rumor has it there might be a similar feature for Insert
and Multiply some day, and rumor has it that it's even more fun....) I can
easily get the record lengths below 10ms with Record=SUS, where the
repetition rate is an audible frequency. I'm not sure if this is exactly
what you are looking for, but it does seem a bit like a real-time approach
to granular synthesis. And its damn fun!! You can make some very cool
textures this way. Take some loop, sustain some new sound, tap replace
and/or overdub over it a whole bunch of times, repeat with different sounds
.....you'll lose a weekend, I guarantee it.

Kim Flint, MTS                  408-752-9284
ATI Research                    kflint@atitech.com