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Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

At 05:07 PM 4/20/99 -0800, Mark Landman wrote:
>What I'd really enjoy as a loop processor is a unit dedicated to various
>stereo granular tricks. There's Kyma (and numerous non-realtime software
>programs), but it'd be great to have a dedicated box for this.
>Kim, you folks came up with the last word in long delay times with the
>Echoplex, any thoughts about the ultra short delay times of granular
Check out AudioMulch at http://www.audiomulch.com/.  It does realtime
granular synthesis from either a sampled loop input, or an audio input.
It's in beta, but already looks to be VERY promising for realtime audio
processing.  I have found it quite useful for doing realtime processing
and/or sound design.

Lorren Stafford
Richard For Cerebellum/A Most Happy Sound

"We ask ourselves whether truly this is the beginning 
of a new world or whether perhaps the world...is about
to perish.  There are people who earnestly and seriously
fear this, where music becomes the slave of the machine..."