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Re: SP-808???

i grabbed the 808 version 1,most of it is way cool,some draw backs of
course.each one of the 16 sample pads IS LOOPABLE,but you can only have
4 goin at once.it works great to tweek beyond belief,and very quick to
get deep into it.i use it alot more than my esi4000 or jamman easy.for
me the reason i use these items,is just a nonlinear way or extension of
my mutidiamentional brain,im such a freak and ilove it
alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll   hey anybody into alien
fuckin drone mindwarping cyborg hybridmetal-this earth is ready to be
taken over-----im tired of marilyn manson taking all the
cash......looking for other expiriencers to put a serious band

--it only
>accepts Zip drives--and you cannot import sound files, except insofar as
>you import them directly via coax/analog.

Hello Folks-

Roland released (rather quietly) both Mac & Windows versions of SP-808
conversion software.

This program allows you to mount a 808 formatted Zip to your computer, and
convert bidirectionally to wave or aiff formats.

In all honesty I haven't worked with this yet, but it should allow
archiving of SP-808 samples to any HD you want, clean conversion w/o
resampling of wave and aiff files, and basically circumvent some of the
808's worst shortcomings.

The software can be downloaded from Roland's US site.

Now if only each 808 pad was loopable and layerable in realtime like my