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Re: Attn: Guitarists

Steve Howe {YES} is a 'travis style' picker. IOW, he uses a pick between 
and first finger in conjunction with his remaining fingers.

Javier Miranda V. wrote:

> By all means, dude, keep the fingers thing.  Listen to ZZTop, Dire 
> Steve Howe with Yes, lots of dudes kept playing with their fingers.  It 
>is a
> derivative of the folk-guitar style, but once you develop your own voice 
> the knack to deal with the electric side, it's many more pluses than just
> playing with one pick.  Also, pick up some videos of Dire Straits and 
> and you'll see for yourself.
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> Subject: Attn: Guitarists
> I apologize if this is not appropriate for the list, but. . . . .
> After the series last week on different instruments for looping, I 
> to expand beyond bass, and so I bought an electric guitar!!!  I'm now
> teaching myself to play it (it's a Peavey "Raptor" which is basically a
> Stratocaster copy.)
> The question I have:  how many guitarists play solid body guitars of the
> strat type with their fingers?  I find that a pick is awkward, and my
> instinct is to  pluck, etc. with my fingers.  Am I making a mistake by
> foregoing the pick?  Should I spend the time getting used to the pick?  
> sounds like Leni Stern plays (I think a strat) with her fingers, but I
> can't recall hearing anyone else that sounds like that.
> To those kind guitarists who wish to respond, please feel free to answer 
> privately.  Thanks!!!
> Michael
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