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Re: error correction/Nicolas Collins

>I've been hearing and reading quite a bit about Nicolas Collins lately 
>coincidentally studied at the school I now attend, though that has nothing
>to do with how I heard about him), but I haven't been able to find his 

If you're studying where I think you are, check out WESU's CD archives or 
Olin, lots of stuff should be there...

Arcane messages aside, there's one called 100 of the World's Most 
Beautiful Melodies, and another called It Was A Dark And Stormy Night.  
Both released from Trace Elements Records, 172 E4St. Suite 11D NY, NY 
10009.  These CDs are from '89 and '92, so I have no idea if the 
addresses are still valid.

Check out a bio on Nicolas Collins at Lovely Records 
http://www.lovely.com.  Some of his earlier works may still be available. 

His Devil's Music is available on "Century XXI USA1 Electronics " 
compilation along with Ben Neill, Carl Stone (another loop artist, btw), 
and Kyle Gann...  This one is from Robi Droli -- the contact info 
according to the CD is:  Strada Roncaglia, 16 15040 S. Germano (AL) - 
Italy Fax (0) 142/50780

As for stuff readily available on the US there's the "Imaginary 
Landscapes" compilation.  It's on Elektra/Nonesuch, Nicolas Collins 
contributes one track called "Real Electronic Music".

As for his most recent appearance, there's a remix he's done on an album 
called "microstoria:  reprovisers".  Label is Thrill Jockey, contact info 
traverse@mcs.net.  Other remixes by Oval, MoM, Stereolab, Jim O'Rourke, 
etc...  this one was just released a month or so ago if my memory is