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Re: Digitech Echo Plus vs. Zoom 508

At 09:44 PM 4/14/99 PDT, Larry wrote:
>I thought I was going totrade for the PDS-8000, but I may stick with my
Zoom 508 Delay, it is 
>programmable, but it only has 4 sec instead of 8.  Then again, you can 
>screw around with knobs on the fly as well as stop/st-st-stutter on 
>the Digitech.
>HELP!  Do I stay with the Zoom, or trade it for the Digitech? 


I have the Digitech, and it has one major problem (a few others on this
list have concurred:) it drifts sharp in the infinite repeat mode.  I'd
stick with the Zoom 508, unless you want to spend $139.95 on the Zoom 2100,
which does nearly everthing the Digitech does (but in tune), with a
6-second maximum loop, and a 16 second sampler that loops a single part (32
seconds in lo-fi mode.) 


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