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Re: Asian instruments

I have had the good fortune of recording many world class Indian musicians.
Most Classical indian musicians utilize little or no electronics during 
performance though there are a a few western inlfuenced musicians working 
the film arena who have made interesting use of stomp boxes and what not.
Much of indian film score is heavily processed in post.
One interesting Indian musician that has explored the live use of 
is Ashwin Batish--located in Santa Cruz Ca.  His material presents a 
fusion of
classical indian music with electronic loop based grooves.
Incidentally, the sounds of the sitar, kanun and other indian stringed
instruments tend to be come less exotic when processed with modulation, 
and filtering.  Afterall, the sympathetic strings and and buzz timbres of 
instruments are really analog, accoustic versions of filtering, and 
Consequently, I tend to utilize these timbres as is in my own loop based
murkie wrote:

> >>>>Do they [Indian musicians] use any electronics exept for straight
> >>>>amplification of their traditional work?
> i was lucky enough to do a live mix for ali akbar khan about a year ago.
> it was in a very reflective/reverberant room.  no effects were used at 
> it was one of the very few  musical experiences in my life that sent me
> litterally running to my looping rig afterwards, trying to harness what 
> did to my head and heart...
> another was hearing the takacs quartet do all 6 of bartok's quartets.
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