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Ramayana '99 Performance Dates!

     Hello All!
     It's time once again for that wild 'n wacky Hindu epic, The Ramayana.
     Mount Madonna Center in conjunction with the Mount Madonna School is 
     proud to present a youth version of this timeless story, acted by the 
     talented students who attend school there.
     Each year, Mount Madonna Center presents a different version of the 
     play, either acted by students from the school, or in more ambitious 
     years, by adult professionals from the national acting community. 
     The performance this year will be at the Henry J. Mello Center in 
     Watsonville, CA. on the following dates... 
     4-23, Friday     7:30 Evening Show
     4-24, Saturday   7:30 Evening Show
     4-25  Sunday     2:00pm Matinee
     I believe run time with one intermission will be ~3 hours.
     $21.00   Front Main Floor 2/3rd's and Orchestra areas
     $16.00   Rear Main Floor 1/3 and Under Balcony
     $11.00   Balcony 
     Tickets are only available directly from the Mello Center @ 
     They accept most of the usual credit cards. The proceeds for these 
     supports the funding of the Mount Madonna School.     
     Wondering why I'm sending this to you all?.. I'm performing in the 
     band for this fun event! The play is always entertaining and the kid 
     energy is really great. This is the first exposure to theatre for 
     of the kids, while others are returning with all the hutzpah of a 
     vetran... (To all LD'ers... I WILL be looping!)
     Hope you can make it!
     Best Regards,
     -Miko Biffle