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Re: subharmonic synthesisers

>Has anyone ever tried using a subharmonic synthesiser unit with bass 
>sounds. I have heard them used to great effect with synth sounds 
>doofs)! If they could work with electric bass I could have the phatest 
>sound imaginable. Any comments?
>Steve Savage
>Digital Mining Services
>083 305 1136
>011 807 5151

I have an old dbx subharmonic synth ( I worked at dbx iver the summer 
of '79 and remember modifying the combination subharmonic synth 
dynamic range expander owned by studio 54. The had these concrete 
subs they would test stuff with that would rattle the whole block) 
that I used to use a lot. I played one gig where the house sound guy 
told me if I turned it on again he would take me outside and beat me 
senseless. I tried to explain to him that I could be turned down in 
the mains if he was worried about his system, but to no avail. It did 
sound awesome in venues such as the Horizontal Boogie Bar  in 
Rochester NY (14,000 watts into EV manifold cabs for the lows) and 
the Fox Theater here in Boulder (custom Dowlen PA with McCauley 
subs). After checking out my rig back then, Mike Gordon incorporated 
one into his. I think he might have used the Furman, if not the dbx 
that was current at the time.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO