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Re: subharmonic synthesisers

I've kept a subharmonic synthesizer in my FOH drive rack
for the past nine plus years.  "Don't leave home without it."

A little goes a long way. Make sure you have for real 
infrasonic protection.  They can make thinks sound 
buzzy or choppy if you turn them up too far, but 
that may turn out to be a valid instrument effect. 
I'd say give that a try for sure.  (Pre-Distortion ???) 

A subharmonic synth is very much like an octave divider

The older dbx models turn up used often enough, but 
there seems to be some myth that the older ones sound
better or something.  Having  played around with several,
I've found the current dbx 120XP to be very clean and
more versatile than it's predecssors.  Some people dislike
the Furman unit, although I think they were overusing it.
Audio Control made a variant called the "Phase Coupled
Activator" which I think had a differenty philosophy behind
their proprietary detector stages. 

Finally, most have some form (often stereo in, mono sub 
out) crossover incorporated, just a handy tip  (for when 
your main crossover goes to heaven unexpectedly.) 

Good Luck !!! 

Peace ... Jeff