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Re: Loop the Loop

i've been listening to ikedas's +/- recently - excellent! i saw him a
few months back live in concert, that was also very good. the only thing
he used was an mpc2000, but he used that masterfully with extreme
concentration. it was incredible to hear his "interference fields" on a
large pa system - a lot of of people left seemingly unable to handle
this effect! ;-)

to any others who haven't heard this effect: depending on the position
of your head in the tone field (i.e. the relative position of your two
ears), you hear different tones (difference tones?). as far as i know
this is a stereo effect - analogous to the interference patterns caused
by dropping two pebbles in a pond.

-the man cable-

David Myers schrieb:
> BTW, anyone here been tuned into Ryoji Ikeda?