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Loop the Loop

>We also have people looping wind instruments (flute, sax, etc.), 
>broadcast sounds from radio and TV, film dialog, found sounds, even 
>the looping devices themselves in the case of David Myers.

Kim, I think you're just trying to sniff out whether I'm still lurking here
or not.  I am.

>I don't know how Mr. Myers does it, but I just run the output of looper A
>into looper B and  back again - if you do it enough times you'll get a 
>strange resonance since each device colors the sound in its own way. I
>imagine if you kept doing it for a year or so you'd end up with noise (and
>probably a messiah complex).


Good observation.  Now, what if looper A can feed looper B and itself, and
looper B can feed looper A and itself, and what if you have four loopers or
more?  And if you can manage control of all of those paths?  Hmm...  that's
what been fueling my particular psychosis all these years.  Get into it
enough, and you begin to wonder about the need for guitars, keyboards, and
all the endless discussion about graphite necks.  Maybe I've looked too
hard and am suffering from mental strain (a distinct possibility), but I've
found that as I increase the microscope's focus, the specks of dust on the
floor--through the miracle of the loop--take on an unexpected significance.
Loop de Loop indeed!

Strange Resonance... have to consider that as an album title (not to
mention Messiah Complex)....

David Myers

BTW, anyone here been tuned into Ryoji Ikeda?