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Re: Wave Drums

>More even: The magic is the richness of expression which is not limited to
>MIDI and Samples.
>Its perfect for looping because you do not have any feed back and external
>noise problems. You can just sit at the one instrument and keep 
>all its sound...
>So they do not make them any more? It was too good to survive?
>Unfortunately I do not have one

Yes, korg discontinued them a couple of years ago - I called to see if they
had any old stock but cust. support said that they sold the last bunch to
the Grateful Dead.

The price was pretty high (~$2000 new) and I'm sure that that was a factor
in their lack of acceptance. Maybe the unit was a bit too far out for most



PS : I am also one of the unfortunate souls unable to find a Wavedrum, so 
anyone out there sees one for sale let me know. I'm ready to buy.