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Re: Jungle Funk

what question, we don't have to talk about jungle funk's show, they are
always great!!! ;-)

i saw them last december in austria and they were doing a really great
show. doug was using a lot more stomp boxes over here. he also had a dod
fx-25 envelope filter, a tech 21 xxl distortion/preamp, and some kind of
morley box and a jim dunlo cry baby. i was wondering how he could have such
a good sound with such a long effect chain... 
my friend met him at the musikmesse at frankfurt/germany (two years ago)and
talked to him for a while. doug told him that most of the floor effects are
modified in some way to reduce noise, so are the bass enclosures (different
speakers than the trace elliot enclosures you get at the store)
BTW: there were also two digitech whammys on stage, one for doug and the
other one for will's wave drum. if somebody out there has one for me, let
me know :-)

geez, i also want my own tech *dream-on-lorenz*   ouch...reality hurts


At 03:40 04.04.99 -0400, you wrote:
>Not thqt I don't like to hear about the tecnology afterwards, but it would
>be cool to hear about the show beforehand to be able to relate....
>I don't know if other people are interested, but I would love to hear 
>cool shows (in NYC for me).