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Re: Jungle Funk Technology

yeah... JF are a great little band. 

I saw them twice here in Italy and got the 2 CDs they have out.
The last time I saw them there were 4 (FOUR!!) jam man on stage! 
I think that Will plays a Wavedrum too


At 11.44 03/04/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I got to see Jungle Funk again last night at SOB's and they were great. As
>always, lots of energy and inspiring as well. How they seamlessly mix
>technology and music in a live setting is incredible. I know there are 
>bass players on the list, and being one myself, I was scouting the stage 
>see what equipment Doug was using ...
>In the rack ...
>Peavey CyberBass controller
>Lexicon Jamman
>Emu Planet Phatt
>(2) older Digitech Studio Signal Processors
>Digitech 2120 Valve Multi-Effects Signal Processor
>t.c. electronics 2290 - Dynamic Digital Delay
>On the floor ...
>Roland Volume Pedal
>Boss AutoWah AW-2
>Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
>Boss Bass Flanger
>Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer
>Boss Tremolo/AutoPan
>Seymour Duncan Bass Wah
>Digitech Control One for the 2120
>There was another pedal back by his amp stack that I couldn't make out
>besides the channel switches for his Trace Elliot preamp and an A/B 
>The axes ...
>Spector 4-string
>Warwick 6-string
>Peavey 5-string CyberBass (it has both MIDI and phone lines out)
>Ibanez 5-string (the new Doug Wimbish signature line)
>BTW, Vinx had a great assortment of equipment as well. It seems like he 
>a Zendrum to trigger samples from an Emu ESI-4000 (which included opera
>singers, classical violin pieces, street noise) and (2) Lexicon Jamman 
>mainly for vocal looping. He also had a Yamaha SU-10 strapped to an
>electronic drum using the ribbon controller for scratching effects. And
>don't forget his Djembe.
>Will plays an Udu drum on one song which sounds really great.
>Anybody know what those large electronic drums that Vinx and Will use on a
>bunch of songs?