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Vortex Problem

Hi all-

I am having a problem with my Vortex and thought some of the brilliant
Looper's mind's might be of help-

The Value knob was old and malfunctioning- but after using it a lot it
hardly ever acted up at all- seems it was just dirty really- well, I got
a new encoder from lexicon and decided to install it just to be safe to
avoid any problems during a performance etc. Upon installing it it did
the following- rotating it clockwise the value would change as follows
(depending on where it was set to begin)
64,64,63,62,61,60,59,58,57,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,64,63 etc. ad

Lexicon sent out another replacement after i told them about it and made
sure my installation was good- they thought maybe there was a mistake in
pulling it from stock- well, I installed the second one and it repeated
the results of the first replacement! AGGHHH!

I opened the new encoder and opened the old one as well- there was a
slight difference in design but upon looking closely it seems that they
should make the same contacts- there is a photo at

 I just hope I can figure it out- the old one worked, the new ones don't
and now Lexicon suggests I send it in for repair at a flat rate of 95

Thanks for your time-