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Jungle Funk Technology...WAVE DRUM

 Anybody know what those large electronic drums that Vinx and Will use on a
> bunch of songs?
> Later-> Doug

...those are the sadly discontinued Korg WAVEDRUM(s).. simply one of the
sickest inventions going.... it is basically a fully functional
synthesizer/modeler which lets you prog. in all the parameters of any drum
surface, resonance, etc... also very very responsive, real drum head
surface. Korg, in typical style, wasn't happy with the response and moved
on. grab one at any cost when ya see 'em - i'll buy it from ya!!

If you really enjoyed it - check out will's DRUMWAVE Cd (get it?) which
features it heavily. His first CD - HOUSEWORK is great too, and features a
cameo or two of this device. - for those of you who haven't heard one - it
can sound like everything from tablas to congas, bongos, djembe, timpani,
simmons electronic drums, and Neptunian Grfskadytl wedding music!!

check out http://www.willcalhoun.com

peace, andre'