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Re: Chapman Stick

At 16.02 02/04/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I was given this list as a place I might get some info about the Chapman
>Stick by one of the Patron Saints of Loopland, Mike Nelson (of Boomerang
>fame) :)  So blame HIM if this is too far OT.

I've got a Grand Stick, and for the poli I think the only concern is about
the fixed bridge.
sound is not identical to the wooden one but quite similar. A little
brighter maybe.
the poli models are incredibly sturdy too
if the price is good take it.  


>So..  I am thinking about buying a Stick.  I have the oppourtunity to
>buy a Polycarb one.  No adjustable bridge...
>Does anyone have an opinion of poly vs. wood?
>Shoot, does anyone have anything to say about it at all.
>Double shoot!!!  Does anyone have one they want to sell???