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slightly off topic - s/pdif cards and .wav files.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but you guys are usually kind to stupid 

here's the deal - I want to get a decent i/o card for my computer, I am 
ADATs to record, and I saw a card that is reasonably priced and will turn 
pc into a virtual ADAT, and interface directly with my other equipment. 

It also features s/pdif ins and outs. Now, if I wanted to take the s/pdif 
from my DAT and transfer some music from the DAT into the pc, is there a 
I can dump stuff from DATs through the s/pdif in and have my .wav software 
"see" the input like it sees an analog line in? 

Or am I gibbering and obviously insane? 

Thanks. please reply off list. 
- Crossedout@aol.com