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Re: Monitors and Amps

Dear Mr. Ko,

        I've had some real good luck with the Alesis products as far as 
their amps
and their speakers go.  Mixed results on their rack unit effects units,
though...  Personally, I have a pair of Point 7's, and love 'em.  I've 
that they are sturdy and for my purposes; using them with and around 
equipment has made a real difference as far as which studio speaker to try
        The monitor ones are also nearly as good, but I feel that they are 
not as
warm sounding, as the Point 7's.
        Carvin tend to be a real good choice, though my own personal 
preference is in
the JBL 310, or 412 models.  These are currently a bit too large for my
apartment, and so I have to be content with the Alesis speakers I am 
The best advice is to really give the speakers a decent run through with 
that has great engineering, and uses a wide variety of tonal colours and
changes (slow and fast).  This way, you won't have the supreme displeasure
I've had, of actually ripping a speaker cone in half, when the Moog I was
using produced some sounds that were disagreeable to what was currently 
out of the speakers in question.
        The biggest questions to ask yourself before going out are:
        1.)  Where am I going to use these speakers?
        2.)  What type of room, will I be in?
        3.)  What type of music am I going to play through the speakers, 
and at how
much Wattage, physical abuse, etc., ... ?
        4.)  Are you and where are you going to mount them?

        Hope this helps out, and by all means, feel free to email me 
outside of the
list should you have any other questions.



PS.  Personally, I go around with 3 CD's to test out any prospective 
Those CD's include: Pipe Organ music recorded dry, Bag Pipes (recommend the
Scottish Rogues for this one, off their album, "Hollerin' for Haggis!") and
then Peter Gabriel's Passion album.  
        I have also always kept a spectrum analyzer for the room I was 
going to be
in.  It has really made the difference as far as what I've had to do on 
live gigs and on studio ones, too.