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Live Looping: Einstruzenden Neubauten

Got a wonderful surprise last night when I went to see EN in Philly at
the trocadero. In addition to the incredible performance of found/metal
instruments, percussive micing of drilling, sawing, and banging, there
were quite a few momoents of genuine beauty and dynamics. 

One thing I didn't even figure out until halfway through the set was the
leader/singer Her Bargald was looping his mic and making live layers ov
voice, vocal sound effects and spoken word stuff. I heard (perhaps from
this list?) that he did this on a "spoken word" performance in germany
last year but I didn't realize he used i live with EN.

Juding from what he was doing I wasn't sure what hardware he was using.
most of it could be accomplished with an Echoplex I'd imagine but he
also created some sturring effects with the loops already in the machine
so I'm not sure. Whatver he used it was 100% controlled by a floor unit
in front of him but alas behind the monitors so I never did get a chance
to see what it was.

If you've *ever* been curious about this band (one of the true pioneers
of "industrial" music back when the term almost meant something) you
should try and catch these guys.  Given the material it was a far cry
from the more confrontational stuff they used to do and featured a lot
more range and expressiveness IMO. 

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