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The Undo question

My question concrens what might appear to be the limited functionality
of the Undo function.  My Echoplex is currently maxed out at 198 sec.
Many times I've overdubbed something onto loop 1, and then listened to
it once and instantly realized I made a horrible mistake.  When I press
Undo it does not erase the last overdubbeed layer.

The manual refers to the fact that memory may not be available.  Does
that refer to the total length of the memory available or just the time
remaining in the individual loop?  Do I need to press Undo instantly?
Do I need to change any settings?  Or is this just a "known problem."

Whenever possible, I of course copy to the next loop before overdubbing
to prevent mangling my loops, but if I could just undo it would save me
a few steps to be sure.  Also when I have 9 loops filled That option is
not available.

Anyone else experiencing this?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steven Barnes [SMTP:SBarnes@brio.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 2:31 PM
> To:   TRUPOLO@rizzoliusa.com
> Subject:      EDP reverse looping
> OK, got my Echoplex, thanks to the group buy...
> After hearing a cool drone project, I wanted to try a reverse delay.
> There
> doesn't
> seem to be a way to do this on the Echoplex.  I can reverse the loop,
> but
> then my
> overdubs are not reversed.
> It also seems as if once I reverse the loop, I cannot undo any
> overdubs that
> happened
> before the reversal.
> BTW, I'm having problems in general with getting my overdubs and undos
> to be
> timed
> to the cycle correctly.  I usually get a little snippet of the overdub
> still
> in the loop after
> an undo.  Any tips would be appreciated.  (Having the EDP count down
> the
> remaining
> time the loop would be extremely useful in this regard)
> -steve