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Overpriced Time Machine


FYI, I hope all is well. I've been spending a lot of time recording. Saw
this on Harmony Central.



Asking Price: US$N/A
Condition: Mint
Age: N/A

       Lexicon Vortex dual echo & bizarre effects, $195; Digitech TSR24S
multi-fx, total
       user control of effect algorithms, unlimited redundent effects (for
       delays, six reverbs, eighteen flangers), $620; Digitech Time
Machine, 8second rack
       delay, $220; Digitech 1 second digital delay/distortion box, $45.
       phone:703-734-0110 email:FaybE@aol.com

Seller: charles danbury, 703-734-0110
E-mail: faybe@aol.com
Location: MC LEAN, VA
Post Date: 11/22/98

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