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EDP Group Purchase: Contact info for Alto Music

Here you go Travis.

This was also sent to the list - but a few have mentioned that they would
prefer to be emailed directly. advance apologies for duplication.


Ok - I spoke with John at Alto Music here's the deal.

So far it looks like there will be about 12 units ordered, maybe more...

If you want to get one or more EDP's with or without a pedal do the

1. Call Alto Music @ (914) 692-6922 10-6pm Monday through Saturday and
ask for John.
Tell him you're calling about ordering an Echoplex as part of the Loopers
Delight Internet mailing list - he's not hip to the listserv thing so be
sure to mention Echoplex & internet in the same sentence and he'll know
what your calling about.

2 Give him your order info - i.e. How many you want, pedal or not,
address CC#, shipping preference etc.

NOTE: while they do some mail order they are not setup like Musicians
Friend etc, in that they can say immediately what your freight will be.
You can request that they call you with the exact amount of shipping once
they have determined it. Rest assured that he's a straight up guy & there
won't be any gouging on shipping fees.

3. Be patient, think Buddha like thoughts, or if you're really advanced,
no thoughts at all.
The units are not in stock. Once he gets a bunch of orders, he'll place
an order with Gibson. When he receives the units they will be sent to you
according to your instructions. The time between when he places the order
& when they arrive is dependent on Gibson, UPS, acts of God, etc. If
Gibson is to be believed regarding stock & turnaround time, I'd guess
that everyone will have their units in 2-3 weeks.

The prices are:

$560 for EDP w/ 4Mb RAM

$660 for EDP w/ 4Mb & pedal

+ shipping ( & tax if you are in NY state) no tax for out of state

We didn't discuss a time limit on this offer but I'm sure as long as
people are ordering a moderate amount the price will be good for a couple
of weeks - barring any price changes from Gibson/Oberheim of course.

Alright, Let the feeding frenzy begin!