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RE: that thing you do

Hopefully, all of you barefoot players carry around and stand on a mat made
of non-conductive rubber!  As an electrical engineer, I have a deep-down
imbedded instinct tnat makes me feel the adrenaline of fear whenever I read
something like this!!  Having felt numerous low-level currents flow through
my body when touching various pieces of electronic equipment *while wearing
shoes*, and occasional not-so-low-level currents, I have to say "be
careful!"  Especially outdoors!!  You're playing Russian Roulette!

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>How many other loopers play barefoot? I have for over 20 yrs.

It entirely depends on the gig. I'd never play a lounge show or wedding
barefoot. But I've played lots of club stages and outdoor shows barefoot. I
let decorum, and sense, dictate.