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EDP Group Buy : you're quite welcome

Fellow Loopers, 

I dropped by Alto Music yesterday and was told that over 15 units were 
shipped, with more orders on the way.... whatta a voracious bunch! To 
everyone who expressed thanks: You are welcome.

Needless to say ( but I'll say it anyway) the owner was smiling ear to 
ear as he asked "Do you belong to any other lists?" 

For those who asked, the price is still good and they'd be glad to sell 
more - email me if you need the contact info. I'd encourage everyone to 
check Alto Music out when your shopping for gear - they always do me 

RE : price

I believe that Gibson has raised the prices on everything in the last 
couple of years - including the echoplex. I spoke with a friend who paid 
~$500 with the pedal about 3 years ago as well.  Last year the list price 
of certain Steinberger models went up $1100!

Total bummer about the the lack of RAM in the EDP - hopefully it was just 
a fluke...

happy looping,