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echoplex and noise

I just got my new echoplex too. Seems like a great unit. It checked out
fine on arrival. However, after I installed new RAM, it now generates
constant internal self-noise. That is, even with feedback turned all the
way down, the feedback light stays aglow, and recording even a silent input
yields a loop of fairly loud (though not overwhelmingly loud) white noise.
It does record from the input if I play something into it, it just sums it
with the static to create a loop with a s/n ratio of 1:1.

I have had extensive experience installing RAM and other components into
computer equipment and other static-sensitive devices, and I took all
appropriate precautions when installing the RAM, and had no notable
problems. The 'plex now indicates the full 198 secs of loop time, so it
seems to be recognizing all the RAM.

Where is all the fucking noise coming from, and how do I get rid of it?


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