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Re: ensoniq dp/pro, anyone?

Ensoniq pulled the plug on what I consider to be one of the nicest
processors ever, due to lack of promotion. In retrospect, they admit that
naming it the DP/pro was a mistake, because people assumed that it was
merely a repackaged DP/2. 

There is a parameter in the delays called cross regeneration which is
calibrated in degrees. It can provide the nicest rhythmic panning effects
and really creates some beautiful swimming textures in the delay trails.

There is nothing like that anywhere else.


At 12:27 AM 11/10/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Hey Chuck!
>How you got involved with developing on the DP/PRO?
>What have you done with the compressors? I am very interested.
>Are you sort of audio engineer?
>I am the hungarian Ensoniq distributor, and im interested in the
>history of this product very much.
>Ensoniq never told me why they stopped producing it so quick.