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Re: Monitoring on stage, per Miko B.

Bobdog wrote....
> (we're...) is trying to run all 8-10 mics/lines direct to the board. I'm 
> having a problem finding the right tone for the gtr. i run all of my fx 
> the effect loops on my preamp.

>    2) i've tried using the 1/4" preamp out thru an ADA microcab; it 
>seems that
> the last preamp stage is VERY noisy,
>    3) right now, i'm using the output from the final effect in my chain &
> sending that to the input of the microcab; this is nice & quiet, i get 
> signal into the board, but my top end is kinda thin,
>    4) i'm gonna order a cabtone this week to do an A/B test vs the 

> i'm open to any & all suggestions!

Hey Mister Pseudo-Buddha man...

I've been using HK Redboxes for years and the new Red Box Pro looks like 
new-improved-gotta-buy-it version... no battery!? ground lift and cab sim 
so you can just use it like an ordinary full range direct box... I've 
been really pleased with them. The batteries lasted forever in the old 

I mostly used them with a Pearce G2r amp and before that Marshalls... The 
G2r has the bottom booty and high end, if you're willing to tweak.

I now use the cabinet sims in my Boss GX-700 which are identical (I 
belive) in 
that dept. to the Roland GP-100... They sound good, but I'm going to do 
A/B-ing with the HK's... 

I have a friend who swears by his Cabtone, but I don't personally have any 
experience with it. He's a very dark sounding player though and they don't 
*his* sound...

BTW: I saw Fripp last night with P4 and he did some of the fattest, 
sounding solos I've ever heard him do... If that's strictly a GP-100 tone 
cab sim, I'd better get home and start tweaking! It was great...

The sound system was very 3D and some of Fripps stacked chordal pads moved 
around like clouds in a windy sky... Sometimes it even sounded like they 
behind me!? Each player was very audible and distinct. Best mix I've heard 
in a 
long time... (7th Note club in SF).

OB Loop item... The dueling Vortexes are now coming into their own with 
JamMan feeding one and the Stereo Guitar signal feeding the other! I'm 
that it's the most radical-as-well-as-subtle Chorus, flange, panner, 
delay going... Morph from a subtle flutter or delay in the background 
right into
madness or anywhere in between!