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Re: Monitors and in-ear systems (was: PErcussion, drums...)

Mike Biffle wrote:
>> For acoustic applications, In-Ear-Monitor systems like the ones 
>>from Garwood, using earmolds, eliminate any form of ambient monitoring 
>>stage, eliminating feedback problems. It's also a way to get a great 
>>mix that you can truly enjoy, which enhances your performance.

>Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!  I saw these in a catalog and have been 
>curious ever since.  Sounds like they're highly recommended.

>As a related topic, I've considered patching my board into a low-wattage 
>stereo transmitter.  The audience would listen exclusively on Sony 
>Walkman type
>of personal receivers.  Could be alot of fun!  Has anybody tried this?
>- Dennis Leas

There's a transmitter which keeps getting mentioned which I of course 
forget... But people talk of using Sony earbuds and this transmitter for a 
budget system. Audience participation could be cool. With a system like 
maybe you could use the earbuds for mid and high content and hit 'em in 
the gut 
with a subwoofer...