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Re: MIDI continuous controller ideas

Dave Trenkel wrote:

. For those of you who don't
> know the Boomerang, the output volume is controlled by a rubber-coated
> roller about the diameter of a toilet paper tube, about 2 inches long, 
> sticks a little above the surface of the pedal. You change the volume by
> rolling your foot across it. There's a row of dots that corkscrew around
> the roller that tells you the value. This is one of the hippest controls
> I've ever seen! It's way intuitive and it occupies a lot less space than 
>a ?

on the same subject

Scott Henderson uses some sort of home made ccont pedal board ( probably
just simple pots that are tied to a box that does the CV - Midi

the interesting thing is that he uses normal rotary pots whith a big
rubber button (I remenber that on some boss pedals ??) there is an arrow
on the top for visual info where he's at 

he was manipulating the pots by turning them with his foot. The external
pots can even be turned in one shot with the side of the shoe *zzzap*

never tried it but for minor or smooth adjustments this seems to be a
less hazardous than the traditionnal vol ped 
I'm too exited on stage to suddenly be very calm and smooth to put my
feet on the pedal without moving it a litle or a lot either way 
(BTW they could create also hard action vol pedals; some times they are
simply too smooth)
I would also like pedals that could use you whole body weight as range
for control when you are off the pedal the value is 0 when you are full
on it on one leg this the max.
This type of controler could be used very smoothly by just tranfering
your weight from one feet to the other and very hard by stomping and
jumping on it 
any designer around?  call private for lot more on this ?=)

back from hollydays in IBIZA great relaxed looping
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