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Re: Sample editor for the Macintosh.

At 2:43 AM -0500 12/18/97, mark sottilaro wrote:
>Hey Looper's and Loopettes,
>Here's a question that's a little off the looping subject, but not
>totally.  As a die hard Mac user (see previous posts) in the Computer
>Graphics field, I long for a really, really Pro Sample editor for the
>Macintosh.  I've been using MacroMedia's SoundEdit 16 for a while, and
>for most Computer Multi-media it's pretty good.  Last night I tried to
>use it for something a bit more taxing, and frankly it sucks.  Is there
>something like Soundforge for the Mac?  I've downloaded LiSa, but in my
>limited time playing with it, it seems more performance oriented.
>What's the word on the street?

Paul posted about this thing called metasynth:

>Just downloaded a demo of MetaSynth at <<http://www.uisoftware.com/>>.  
>I don't know squat about synths this looks (sounds) like it could be, not 
>usefull but, also lots of fun. - Paul

I downloaded it and tried it out. It's very different, but very, very cool.
It was done by the guy who wrote some/all of Kai's Power Tools, so as you
can imagine its a completely visually oriented synth/sample editor thing.
Really quite fun and remarkable, and designing filters with the spraypaint
tool was just too much! It might not be the practical thing you're looking
for, but try it anyway.

Other than that, I haven't been paying attention to that field for a while.
Is Digidesign Sound Designer still around? Seemed to be the thing all the
sound design people were using last I paid attention.


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