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Re: Boss Sampler s-202 DR.sampler

At 10:21 AM -0800 12/17/97, MEHDI@ms.com wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've been reading about the above sampler and believe that it may be a 
>piece of equipment to begin with...I want to learn about sampleing (rap..)
>and think this might be a good initial investment on learning how to loop
>muscial notes/tracks in order to create "phat" beats and maybe even songs.
>Your opinion (or practical experiences) would be appreciated !

I've never used it, but it looks like it might be a cool (and cheap I
guess) thing to start off with if you want to play around with sampling and
programming beats. It's got 8 little pads, a mic, some effects, filters, a
bpm matching function. It is pretty limited though, so at some point you
might want to trade up to a more pro type sampler if you get serious about
it. Yamaha makes the SU-10 which I think is similar to the boss, you might
want to look at that too.

some things to consider about about the Boss (and yamaha):

- the sound quality isn't that great, which might not matter for you now
but probably will eventually

- It doesn't look like there is any way to load samples from another
standard source, like your computer. That's not so bad though, because it
will probably force you to get your own samples, which will keep your beats
from sounding exactly like everyone else. You want to learn about sampling,
so that's probably a good thing. It does use some little memory card to
save stuff, I imagine Boss supplies a few preloaded with samples.

- You probably can't expand the memory

- The little memory cards are probably not that cheap.

- no sample editing

- limited effects and filters

These are things you'd find in a more expensive sampler, so it's no
surprise the Boss doesn't have them. It's not trying to be fancy.

Another thing you might consider is using your computer and some of the
cheap software out there. A lot of people use a program called Recycle to
take sample beats from the net, chop them up into individual drum samples,
and construct their own beats from that using a sequencer or tracker
program. Might be cheaper and more powerful if you already have a computer
with sound capability.


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