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Fripp, making friends in the audience again????

ok, i'll weigh in on the frippbash.... though as many do, i love the man
and his music. he's one of my biggest influences and has written some of
the sickest stuff - 70s, 80s, 90s!!!!

but - i like to kick my heroes... this story tho, is about a good

back during the League of Gentlemen tour, Fripp had the concept that it was
a "dance" band of sorts, so thet booked into places that were dance halls,
open seatless spaces, etc. He wanted you to DANCE, dammit.

So my friend , who is an amazing guitarist and fripp-head, got right to up
the the front of the stage, basically front row, and hung out near fripp to
enjoy his playing, technique, music.

But he wasn't dancing.

After several songs, (and i paraphrase) Fripp leaned forward and hissed
"why aren't you dancing !? You're being a vampire !!!" This is for dancing,
stop sucking up my energy !!!"

So - i think the guy just has a real planned out life (read any liner notes
of the late 70s early 80s)

what are ya gonna do?? he's a genius. just a cranky one, that's all.

peace, andre'